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Isolation of Data, Methods and Indexes

We understand the phenomenon if we have good index. It is an invention to make new index.

But if the index has a status "good index", we tend to use it frequently and we do not measure in other ways.

Sometimes, I find the article that indexes are isolated in the fields of SN Ratio , Index of Environmental Assessment and Index of Economical Assessment .

By the way, in Data Science ,there are isolation of Data and Method.

Isolation of Data

Isolation of data happens when measuring processes are ignored.

To avoid isolation of data, it is useful to check Meta Knowledge . If data is isolated, we fail at the stage of reporting.

Isolation of Method

Some people believe that one method is useful for all problems.

Many methods in Statistics and Multi-Variable Analysis are made when computers are not general. These methods are made for the data in the age.

Now there are sensor data and log data. For these data old methods are useful if we use Data Literacy .

When we use the method for the data that the method thinking, the analysis goes successfully.

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