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Index of Economical Assessment

Environmental Economics is not preferred to GDP (GNP). "Increasing of GDP follows bad environment.", "GDP cannot measure happiness." are reasons. Index of sustainability and diversity are needed in environmental economics. There is Green GDP that was added revision to GDP easily. And there are other indexes form different viewpoints. Using one index is dangerous because we often loss the matter that the index cannot measure.


GDP and energy consumption has correlation. So there are some theories. "To increase GDP, we should use energy more.", "GDP higher, we do not fossil fuel in the early future. Correlation is used in making important theory.


There are two types of efficiency.
"Output / Input" and "Output / Time". If these numbers are large, it means "high efficient". We often see efficiency for electrical production. But efficiency is considered to measure economical phenomena.

Table of Index

The table below includes I found in Books of Environmental Economics

Table of Index for Environmental Economics
Short Name Full Name
BC Biocapacity
CEPI Composite Environmental Performance Index
CPI Consumption Pressure Index
CSDI Composite Sustainable Development Index
EDP Environmentally adjusted net domestic product
EF Ecological Footprint
ENI Environmentally adjusted national income
ESI Environmental Sustainability Index
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GNP Gross National Product
GPI Genuine Progress Indicator
GSI Genuine Savings Index
HDI Human Development Index
ISEW Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare
LPI Living Planet Index
MFI Material Flows Indicators
MSY Maximum Sustainable Yield
NNW Net National Welfare
Exergy Related to Energy
Emergy Sum of energy to make a fortune
Entropy Related to Energy
Green GDP Total name the indexes of revised GDP

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