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Quantitative Geography

When I studied Feng shui I noticed the importance of geography because one meaning of Feng shui is geography. Especially, "environmental geography" and " urban geography ".

I studied geography from elementary school to high school. But I do not notice that geography is an important field to study environmental problems. I found quantitative geography. It was not like the geography I studied in my student days.

Geography as a Data Science

Geography uses maps as data. Geography overlooks the world. It studies, thoughts, regulations, economic system of the area. But it looks them from a distance.

Quantitative Geography

In 1950s, quantitative revolution happened. Mathematical model and statistics are used to study geography. Quantitative geography is not an independent field. Quantitative approach is one of the tools of geography.

Large scale data science is used in geography. But there is an opinion that studies where quantitative approach cannot be used are still important.


Easily speaking, quantitative approach is mathematics. Geographical phenomena are written by mathematical words.

Recognition Map

In geography, map is important. Urban geography uses normal map and recognition map to study ideal city.