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Factory Physics

Factory physics expresses the phenomenon unique to factories, such as "variations that occur in production activities," in mathematical formulas based on principles, and calls them "laws." In general physics, this is what we do for natural phenomena, so it seems that we have chosen the name "factory physics".

In physics, we deal with forces, heat, energy, electricity, fluids, and so on, and they are indispensable for production activities. Such things are not subject to factory physics. The "physics" in factory physics has a similar meaning to Mathematical Modeling.

Application of queuing

Factory physics applies the theory of queuing to variations in production activities by focusing on how Analysis of congestion (queues) handles congestion.


COMNWIP is an abbreviation for "COMNstant Work In Process" and is a theory of production that is considered to be the best in factory physics.

In a factory, a product (lot) is completed through multiple processes. After the last step is completed, the CONwip method is to introduce a new product into the first process. The number of lots in the factory will be constant.

CONWIP is a type of pull-type production method that is famous for the Kanban method, but it is a simple pull-type method.

About the name

As mentioned above, When we talk about physics, we deal with "things" such as force, heat, energy, electricity, and fluids.

Regarding the name "factory physics", there may be an opinion that it is not physics, but biophysics and econophysics are As a field of physics, it already has a history of several decades, so I don't think there is any particular problem with the name "factory physics".

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