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Analysis of congestion (queues)

In Business Model, a secondary consideration is how to deal with congestion.

There is an old theory of congestion called "queuing".

Queuing theory

In the theory of queues, it is a theory that shows the average value of the number of people in the queue, the average value of the time spent in the queue, etc.

Relationship with other theories

Theory of Inventory Management

Inventory Control does not deal with "congestion", but the state where there is an inflow and outflow and the product is stored in the warehouse as inventory is similar to congestion.

Theoretically, in the theory of queuing, the part of the influx that basically depends on the will of the customer, so whether or not to visit the store is considered uncontrollable. The theory of inventory management considers how to control.

In queuing theory, the part of the outflow that is actively tried to control by increasing the number of windows is In the theory of inventory management, customers decide when to buy, so they can't control it.

Theory of point processes

Queuing theory does not analyze the timing of each customer's visit, but the data we are dealing with is a Point Process.

Also, the way of visiting the store assumes the Poisson Process.

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