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"Energy" of Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering uses the word "energy" for different thing of physical "energy".

There are two way for "energy" in QE.

Square of Value

Energy is the square of physical value.

Dispersion has additivity. And physical energy has additivity. QE uses this analogy and uses the word "energy" for dispersion.

And the square of the value is called "energy" because dispersion is calculated as square.

X and Y

"X is input energy. And Y is output energy."

X and Y are used to explain cause and effects relationship. QE calls "energy" even if the value is not physical energy.

The analogy is from the change of physical energy. For example, from heat energy to electric energy.

Energy Loss

In the change of physical energy, there is loss of energy. But "energy loss" in QE is the loss caused by bad effect of the unevenness of quality. So the "loss" is used in different meaning.

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