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Design Review (DR)

It seems that it is common for companies that have established the term "DR" for design reviews.

At TQC once the specifications of the product are determined, we do not start mass production suddenly, but take it step by step. Each step is a stakeholder review process, which is called a design review (DR).

Specifically, we agree at the meeting that the check items are satisfied. If you fail, keep going until you pass.

Prototyping and testing

I have been working at the factory since 2002, and my first assignment was to the department in charge of prototypes and test products.

The terms prototyping and testing are generally used interchangeably, but in my factory, they were clearly distinguished. I don't know if all factories in the world use the same terminology, but it's good to know that there are two types of "trial making".

The prototype is a product that has not been approved by DR as "mass production OK". The fact that mass production is not OK means that there is a high possibility of major problems, so I don't make a lot at once.

Apart from the product, test products are made for the purpose of exploring new conditions and research. Within the same lot, the manufacturing conditions may be changed.

The work of the prototyping staff

The job of being in charge of prototyping was a job that I didn't know until I was actually in charge. It's also quite difficult to explain to people.

I think it depends on the company, but in my case, I was in charge of prototyping the specifications for all processes from the entrance to the exit of the factory.

In general, the developers of products are often in charge of mirror polishing, cutting, and so on, depending on the technology, but the person in charge of prototyping is shallow and broad, and is required to know all technologies. For small technologies that did not have a specific technical staff, the prototyping staff sometimes experimented with them.

In addition, since mass production is not OK, depending on the process, it was necessary to carry out the prototype production by the person in charge of prototyping, rather than by a general factory worker. As a result, I was able to experience a variety of so-called on-site work.

We also carried out quality control ourselves, such as SPC.

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