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Behavioral Science

Behavioral science is a field that focuses on human behavior. In psychology, we believe that there is a psychological movement that precedes behavior, but behavioral science also deals with behavior where psychology does not necessarily work.

Classification of Behavioral Sciences

In the field of behavioral science, there are fields that deal with behaviors that are completely different depending on individuals, and fields that deal with behavioral habits that are common to all people. I tried to categorize them on this site.

Behavioral Analytics and Behavioral Science

I have the impression that Applied Behavior Analysis has a method of analyzing behavior systematically. In fact, behavior analysis is explained like a theory for all behaviors.

However, the behaviors that behavior analysis deals with are, if anything, centered on everyday behaviors that are carried out without thinking deeply about them. Behavior analysis focuses on the fact that there are many everyday behaviors, but the way to acquire them is the same.

Behavioral Psychology

There seem to be several lines of behavioral psychology books.

One is the field of which behavior analysis is a part. Behavior analysis has developed specifically for reinforcement learning, but behavioral psychology looks beyond reinforcement learning. For those who are closer to behavior analysis, there is exploration and application of basic theories.

The other is a collection of the results of verifying individual hypotheses such as "This behavior has such a psychological law." In this lineage, there seems to be a particular tendency to pick up wacky hypotheses that catch people's eyes.


Data science research, such as the behavior that people choose and the background of that behavior, has been actively researched since a while before multivariate analysis became possible on personal computers.

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