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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Social Psychology looks at the psychology of the group. On the other hand, what happens between you and the people around you, and between others, and what happens in society as it develops, is a story of personal psychology.

The autism spectrum has been deeply studied, with the desire to "improve as much as possible" about what is happening to individuals and how to deal with it.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

As of 2022, it is correct to call autism the "autism spectrum". However, since the text becomes redundant, the term "autism" is abbreviated below when "autism" is written on this page.

The autism spectrum discontinues the method of judging symptoms by limiting the conditions, and considers multiple developmental problems as a set. Instead, each individual sees where he or she is in the autism spectrum. The idea is that the autism spectrum becomes "applicable" when it applies to some of its characteristic conditions. Medically, it seems to apply to about 1-10% of people. I don't think it can be said that "a small number of people".

If anything, it is characterized by "strong commitment to one thing", "strongly feel the information obtained from the five senses", and "not good at imaginative thinking". "Autism" seems to be a good idea to think of its characteristics as what it looks like when seen by a person without this symptom.

Support for people with a strong autism spectrum

Childcare and education

The autism spectrum can be seen as a difference from other children, such as having difficulty speaking during the child's development.

In that case, it becomes a question of how to educate the child. In the past, it seems that there was only a methodology such as "inspiring love", but now it is increasing.

One is, like ABA, a way to actively train to enable desirable behavior and reduce unwanted behavior. We will break down the behavior into smaller units and train them to learn one by one.

The other is to consider the socially good points of the behavioral characteristics of a person in the autism spectrum as their "advantages" and to develop them. This also supports the fact that many of the great jobs in the history of science and culture are believed to have arisen from the characteristic behaviors of the autism spectrum.

Creating a society

Use easy-to-understand color arrangements for the visually impaired. Make it barrier-free for people with foot disabilities. Efforts to create such an environment have been underway for some time.

For people with an autism spectrum disorder, it is better to make it easier to clearly recognize the surroundings and objects, so it seems better to devise a visual expression.

ABA and artificial intelligence

At ABA, we will enable you to do what you want through the experience that something good for you will happen immediately after you do what you want. What is good for him is called a "strengthening child" and he uses sweets.

Reinforcement Learning is one of the Artificial Intelligence , and it is used in shogi software. In reinforcement learning, when you can choose a good option, you will learn a good option by getting a reward. This learning process is mechanically advanced.

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