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Qualitative Social Research

Social Psychology is a discipline that often deals with human groups.

In terms of dealing with society, qualitative social research is the same, but qualitative social research takes an approach that examines an individual from the standpoint of that individual and looks at the underlying society.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a characteristic method of qualitative social research. About an individual, we look at society from that individual's perspective.

In addition to social research, qualitative research is also used as a way to gain a deeper understanding of the subject itself.

Relationship between qualitative research and text mining

Text Mining is, as the name implies, a method of analyzing text. Qualitative research may also analyze textual data. However, the approach of understanding the text after breaking it up word by word like text mining is not central.

Qualitative research analyzes texts as understanding, summarizing, and summarizing.

Software that efficiently promotes qualitative research is called QDA, and there is also RQDA that can be done with R. (I have never touched it.)

Quantitative social research

The title of this page is "Qualitative Social Research". In Data Science , there is "qualitative and quantitative" in how to divide the types of data.

I think that the representative of "quantitative social research" is Questionnaire .

Surveys are influenced by the way the researcher sees things when designing the survey. For this reason, it is different from qualitative social research than simply the difference between qualitative and quantitative.

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