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Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavioral analysis is used to learn and improve behavior. Human behavior is determined by what happens immediately before and after. Especially for things that happen repeatedly, by observing closely, we identify what happens immediately before and after. Once we know that, we can improve.

Behavioral analysis does not care whether the causal relationship is logically correct before or after the behavior. It assumes Heuristics . Focus on what you observe, not whether it is logically correct.

Basic concept of behavior analysis

The basis of behavior analysis is ABC analysis. ABC symbolically expresses that the minimum unit of action is divided into three stages.

If B is to do something, then C is to benefit the person. If B doesn't do something, C is a loss for him.

In the ABC analysis, when a person becomes A, he judges C and thinks that he is taking the action of B. It has become a well-applied analytical method for everyday repetitive behaviors.

Application of behavioral analysis

Behavior analysis is not only used for simple analysis, but is also being applied as a method for considering countermeasures based on the results obtained, improving behavior, and acquiring desired behavior.

The fact that this application has yielded results confirms that behavior analysis is not a wrong method. In addition, it seems that the hypothesis of behavior analysis is not wrong as a hypothesis of the mechanism by which humans learn behavior.

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

There are many books on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) modification under the name of "ABA" (Applied Behavior Analysis). It is a method to help the development when it is difficult to develop the recognition of objects in daily life alone.

ABA provides an environment and procedures that are easy to remember, teaches that objects have names, and helps them remember the names of objects. Also, if there is a behavior that you have already acquired and want to improve, analyze the context in which it occurs, and erase it or change it to an alternative behavior. increase.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

There is a method called "cognitive behavioral therapy" as a psychological improvement method for people who tend to feel unfavorable, such as obsessive thoughts. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, the "behavior" part of behavior analysis is considered as behavior that "makes you feel unfavorable."

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