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Fusion of Ecology and Economy

Fusion of energy and ecology considers a large system including ecology and economy. The idea of this is easy but practice is difficult. Key factors are energy and materials. We consider the optimization of energy and materials. Money is one of tools of the optimization. Both energy system and material system are considered in energy problems. For example, carbon is an important substance both in creature and in fossil fuel , oil, coal, wood and so on).

Energy System

We consider energy flow in the environment and society is to optimize energy system. In energy system, the principle of energy conservation is important. But entropy and exergy are also important.

Material System

Material flow is also a large flow. When we consider material flow, we do not miss waste made by factories. Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) is the method to analyize the material flow and costs.

Simulation of Ecology and Economy

System Dynamics is a method.

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