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Logical Thinking

"Logical Thinking" is a word that expresses a wide range of things, but there are two main types of explanations in the world.

One is, as the words say, when explaining a wide range of logical thinking, it is packed with various ways of thinking and methods.

The other is logical thinking to lead to proposals. It is a method of logical thinking on the premise that there is a person who receives the result of thinking, not just "logical thinking". One of the points is to think so that it can be conveyed to the other party and that the content will be valuable to the other party. The most common method of communication is to use a pyramid structure.

Proposal by pyramid structure

In logical thinking to connect to proposals, the result of logical thinking is finally expressed in a pyramid structure. In the explanation of logical thinking, it is a diagram introduced as a standard, but it seems that the use of this diagram itself contains the skill to make the proposal successful.
Logical Thinking

Make a simple proposal (conclusion)

At the top of the pyramid (first layer from the top) is the proposal (conclusion) for the task. For each issue, we basically make one proposal and summarize it in a short sentence. This simplicity seems to have the effect of making it easier for the other party to receive it.

Have multiple grounds for your conclusions

In the second layer from the top of the pyramid, arrange about three reasons for your conclusion. These three are different perspectives (dimensions).

First, by writing the grounds for the conclusion, the other party can confirm how the conclusion was drawn, increasing the transparency of thinking. In addition, the fact that there are multiple grounds and the multifaceted nature of these multiple grounds conveys the impression to the other party that "deep consideration is being given."

Also write the grounds for the grounds

The third layer from the top of the pyramid is branched from each item in the second layer, and writes the grounds of the grounds. This also gives the other person the impression that you are deeply considering the matter.

Complete the pyramid structure

As mentioned above, the pyramid structure itself seems to be made up of the know-how for a successful proposal.

However, no matter how good the framework is, if the contents are not solid, it will not be a good proposal. How to make this content becomes logical thinking.

First of all, if the task setting is different from the perception of the other party, it will not be an appropriate thought.

After setting the tasks, we will identify the related things, organize the relationships, check them so that they will be MECE , and supplement the missing parts to assemble the pyramid structure.

Differences from other methods

Pyramid structures are similar to why- why analyses , genealogy diagrams , and Mind Map . The common point is that they are tree-structured graphs. Making it to be MECE is similar.

The difference is how the tree structure is written. The position of the root of the tree is different.