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Concept Analysis

Concept analysis deals with "concepts". We also deal with "words". It targets words as concepts and concepts embedded in words. It's not "concepts = words" , but sometimes it seems that way.

Concept analysis can be said to be " to clarify the meaning (definition) of words and the relationship between words related to what you see as a problem " . It is also a form of qualitative analysis. Concept analysis is necessary when thinking about things and writing sentences.

Everyone does concept analysis because it is something they do in the process of grasping things and expressing them in words. However, there are individual differences in speed and depth. People who understand things quickly and who are good at giving easy-to-understand explanations may be good at conceptual analysis.

Conceptual analysis speeds up the Quality Way of Making Hypothesis considerably.

Analytical philosophy

Analytical Philosophy is a type of conceptual analysis. It is a field in which students prefer to think deeply about the meaning of words after asking questions, and to analyze abstract words such as "meaning," "existence," "art," and "freedom."

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