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Human thinking usually proceeds in the following order: cognition, learning, thinking, and judgment. This is how we do our daily lives.

However, this way of thinking tends to be your own way of thinking.

The word "meta" sometimes has the connotation of "thinking about how you are thinking."

Meta-thinking is a way of thinking that has been called "objective" or "bird's-eye-view" for a long time. Simply Even if you are told to "look at it objectively," it is not obvious how to do so. Since around 2010, books have been coming out that explain how to do meta-thinking.

Many of the so-called meta-thinking methods are newly positioned as meta-thinking methods that have been used for a long time. However, I think that the new positioning has made it easier to understand the relationship with brain science.

The Science of Meta

In addition to meta-thinking, there is also what is called "meta".


Meta-cognition is one of the branches of cognitive psychology. For example, when we do "recognition by seeing," we cannot recognize it just by looking at it. It deals with the part of how we perceive it.


Meta Knowledge is what is referred to as the knowledge of knowledge.


Meta Data is data for working with data.

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