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Probability and Random Variable Transformation

Statistics is the world of probability and random variables.

"Probability" is a popular word. But "random variable" is not popular.

"Random variable" is also called "variable" and " feature ". These values are often thougt as probabilistic.

The picture of distribution made with histogram is popular. X-axis is the random variable. Probability is the area in the picture.

Transfomation from Probability to Random Variable

There is the case that random variable is probability data. For example, risk data, and yield data in quality .

Logit Transformation and Probit Transformation and Odds Ratio are the methods to transform probability data to random variable.

Transfomation from Random Variable to Probability

p-value used in Hypothesis Testing is the data transfomed from random variable to probability.

0-1 Data Analysis includes the method to get probability data.

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