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Process to Solve Problems

There are some steps or levels to analyze. We go along with the order then we can go the goal.

Some methods have junctions or repeat flow.

These methods are not so difficult. But it may fail if Concept Analysis is not done well.


SSM stands for Soft Systems Methodology. It is a method in System Engineering. With considering 7 steps, we get a model from real. Then we get solution from the model.

QC Story, MAIC

QC Story and MAIC are made to improve quality problems in Quality Control.

Roughly, the flow is
"Analyzing the point of the problem" --> "Analyzing and evaluating" --> "Testing ideas" --> "Making control system".


In FMEA the flow is
"To line up scenario of risk" --> "Scoring" --> "Solving" --> "Scoring".


AFD stands for Anticipatory Failure Determination.

In AFD, we do not start to find the reason of failure, "Why it did happened?" The start is "How we cause that?" This is the first step of AFD. And this is the most important point of AFD.

By this change of approach, we change our work from an inquiry to an invention. We can use TRIZ and other academic knowledge.

"Why? Why?" is a bottom-up approach. It often comes to a deadlock. We often go to negative mind. On the other side, AFD is a top-down approach. We grapple with the problem in positive mind.

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