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Quality of Non-manufactured

Quality studies have originally been studied to improve the quality of industrial products such as electrical appliances, foods, and materials. Even this site is basically written with industrial products in mind.

On the other hand, at present, there are various types of "XX quality" other than industrial products.

As for the quality of non-industrial products, the quality studies of industrial products do not apply as they are, but the important part is the application of the quality studies of industrial products.

Software quality

The quality of industrial products is built in two stages: the design stage and the manufacturing stage. In these two stages, what you do to improve quality is different.

In the case of software, you don't need quality studies at the manufacturing stage because you can copy and create exactly the same thing.

On the other hand, design stage quality studies have been applied to software quality. The work flow method for ensuring design quality such as design review (DR) and Systems Engineering are common to industrial products and software.

Data quality

Data quality is an important aspect in the field of Data Management.

In the quality studies of industrial products, data quality is originally important, especially in the manufacturing stage, because data is used to adjust manufacturing conditions and inspection data is used for quality assurance. The Measurement from which the data is born are tightly controlled.

In the field of data management , people who specialize in systems play a central role, so it is common for discussions to start from where data already exists. It's going to be a story, and it's a reference.

Service quality

Service quality is not only the service provided by the so-called service industry, but also the after-sales service after the sale of products by companies that handle industrial products.

In services, there is no "thing" like industrial products, so there is no need for quality studies on industrial products themselves.

On the other hand, when manufacturing industrial products, quality science for the manufacturing side is useful for service quality. People who make industrial products use standards (manuals) so that anyone can do it in the same way. This will also serve as a base material when considering how to improve work efficiency.