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Systems Engineering

The meaning of "Engineering" in "Systems Engineering" is "creating"

Systems Engineering

In systems engineering, the overall movement is determined by considering the point of discarding the system, rather than finishing with the creation of the system.

Also, keep in mind that the relationship with stakeholders (related parties) will be good.

SoS (System of Systems)

The systems envisioned by systems engineering are often not systems with a single function, but systems with such functions interacting with each other. Such systems are called SoS (System of Systems).

A characteristic of such systems is that the scope of the system is not clear. In addition, stakeholders are involved in the system from multiple perspectives.

Relationship with system development using mathematical models

A system using a Mathematical Models of the system becomes one system in the SoS.

SoS design

The mechanism of SoS is close to what is represented graphically in the Mathematical Models for System .

In terms of software, we have UML.

Relationship with project management

There are many types of projects, but Project Management for projects that create something is very similar to systems engineering. There are different names depending on whether one thing is seen as "creating a system" or "creating it in a project". Strictly speaking, it is often said with the following differences.

In project management, I think that there are generally many projects that end at the point of "creation", but in systems engineering, we also focus on what happens after creation.

In project management, the story of period and cost is relatively emphasized.


systems engineering

Below are four systems engineering guides, but the general content is the same. The higher the list, the richer the content.

"SEBoK" 2021!w/6/66/SEBoK_v_2.6_20220520.pdf
SEBoK stands for "Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge" is an abbreviation for It is explained in detail in a volume of over 1000 pages.
It is also written that systems engineering and project management are very similar.

"INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook" INCOSE 2015
This is a guide issued by an organization called INCOSE.

"Systems Engineering Guidebook" 2022
Systems Engineering Guide published by the U.S. Department of Defense.

"Systems Engineering Handbook"
A guide to systems engineering published by NASA in the United States.
You can choose the medium to read. In my case, "Web browser:" was easier to read.

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