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System Requirements Definition

The Project Management page describes when the project is broad and narrow. System development is a narrow case. One of the causes of system failure or failure created by system development is a requirement definition problem that is in the early stages of system development.

It is easy to understand the cause of a system malfunction due to a developer's mistake, but if you trace the root cause, it seems that there are many cases where there is a problem in the requirement definition. There was nothing wrong with programming, but there was a problem with what I was trying to program in the first place.

rocedure for requirement definition

Currently, there are two well-known requirements definition procedures. There are ways to focus on needs and ways to start with needs.

Historically, it seems that needs-focused methods have emerged earlier, but needs-based methods are becoming an international standard.

Needs-focused methods

Clarify the needs of the user, and then think "to meet the needs".

When thinking in this way, it seems that there is a reflection that the past system development proceeded due to the creator's beliefs and circumstances.

However, if we proceed in this way, we will not be able to respond to any inadequacies in the first place. For example, "there are many exceptional tasks", "the person in charge of ordering does not fully understand the situation in the company", etc.

Needs-based methods

Even if there is an original need to create a system, we do not try to realize it exactly, but clarify the background, background, related parties, etc. of the need.

Proceed like Problem solving and task achievement. After clarifying the current situation, we will draw the future. That is the requirement.

Business analysis

Analyzing the purpose, content, stakeholders, etc. of the system you want to develop when advancing the method starting from needs is sometimes called "Business Analysis".

Therefore, the content of the book entitled "Business Analysis" may be an analysis of your requirements.

I think that business analysis in a broad sense is like Analysis of Management , so I was confused at first. .. ..

To the basic design of the system

Once the requirements are defined, the system structure (architecture) is designed.

It seems that this stage should be considered integrally with the requirement definition and back and forth.

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