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From Environment To Human Beings

There are many effects from the environment to human beings. We consider us as one of living things here.

The effect from environment to human beings.

Here, environment is not the nature but the place around each of us. When we talk about Environmental Problems, should know the effects from environment to us. But we do not know enough. For example, if our sense and the sound do not have relationship, there is no noise problem.
We study human kinds from two approaches, physiology and psychology.

I classified into two approaches. But brain science let me confused because the border line is not clear between two approaches considering with brain science.
Psychology deals with human mind. But it is not the approach of en Environmental Thought It is the approach of reaction when the environment effects to human beings.

The Thing Human Beings Given From The Environment

We get plants and animals to eat. And we get materials to use. We live thanks to the nature.
We are a part of Ecosystem. Plants, animals and materials to live are called "Resources".

I think we would like to let it important the heart, "Natural blessing" and "Thanks to the nature" not only to foods but to minerals and oil.

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