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Environmental Psychology

Environmental psychology studies the relationship between the environment and the human mind.


The meaning of "amenity" is "the right thing in the right place".

This concept leads the thought "We consider amenity on the top of our head."


Affordance is a concept to observe things. It is the value which the environment gives us.

For example, when we think "the thing is something we can sit down", the thing affords us "sit down".

Affordance is an important factor for design.

Recognition Map

Recognition map is the map in our mind. We can draw down this map using only the information in our mind.

Difference with real map is the target to study.

Environmental Evaluation

Environmental evaluations in environmental psychology are two kinds. One is the approach to compare the difference of quantity of each people. The other is the approach to study the function of the environment. For example, affordance.

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