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Resonance is a phenomenon in which two things vibrate in the same way.

Resonance has aspects as a scary phenomenon as shown below. It is the principle of causing big things with a small amount of energy. There is also the aspect of making possible things that you think are impossible.

Resonances that cause destruction

Every object has a natural frequency. For example, in a line like the one shown above, the period divided by an integer, such as one-half of the length or one-third, is the most likely to bend. This is the natural frequency.

When an object is given a vibration from the outside that is almost the same as its natural frequency, it begins to vibrate significantly. This is resonance.

If the structure cannot withstand this vibration, it will break, which is one of the causes of destruction in Destruction Engineering.

Resonance is a phenomenon in which the cause is not visible, and there was nothing until then, but as soon as it approaches the natural frequency, it suddenly begins violently. Also, any object has the potential to do this. It's a scary phenomenon.

Resonance as a means of communication

Resonance becomes a way of transmitting energy without touching an object. It is used in the technology of contactless charging.

It can also be a way to convey information without using words. It may be one of the principles of "sincerity".

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