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Time Analysis

Time analysis is to analyze the hour of trouble or the change of condition. Most Time Series Analysis methods are for changing condition. But time anlaysis is for length of period using the infomation of "timing".

Analysis of The Time and The Hour

In Industrial Engineering , start time and stop time of machines are used to analyze.

Stopping hour is the difference of stop time and next start time. And moving hour is the difference of start time and stop time.

"Total moving hour / total hour" is the efficiency of the machine.

Then when we check the stopping hour and the moving hour is right or not, we can find the hidden loss and trouble of the machine.

Use of Sensor Data and Log Data

Sensor data and log data might be the information of the start time and end time if these data have flags.


Movements of machine movement are not only start and stop but some steps (modes). Analysis of hour of each steps is useful.

Raliability Analysis and Life Time Analysis

The life time of products are called " reliability ".

Life time is the data of "hour". This data is known as the approximation of some distribution. Weibull distribution is famous.

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