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Control Engineering

Control engineering is a basic study for almost all machines. Things with input and output need the theory to control.

The target of control engineering is dynamic system . In many cases, the theory made of linear simultaneous differential equation.

Control engineering has long history. Linear simultaneous differential equations have been studied. And non-linear cases have been also studied, and there is an interaction with chaos field.


The word "feedback" is used in business seen as a method to improve. "PDCA" is also used for same method.

"Feedback" is an important technique to control in control engineering. Feedback is used mathematically.

Theory to Control

There are two kinds of theories to control, classical and modern. Both of them are same by the step to make differential equations for a system.

Classical Control Theory

In classical theory, we use Laplace transform to integrate Control Theory. The integration is from 0 to infinity.

After Laplace transform, the relation of input and output is showed easily by transfer function.

Modern Control Theory

In modern control theory, differential equations are showed as equation of state. After that, we do Differential Equation Model of matrix .

Stability of The System

Stability is an important factor to control. "Stable" means values go defined value. In a wide sense, stable means values go in a small range.

System Modeling

"Modeling" means to show the system by function. There are two kinds of modeling. The combination of them is called "gray box modeling".

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