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Broadly defined Quantification theory 2

Quantification type 2 is a type of quantification theory . The original quantification type 2 is a method of analyzing data of type Data1 by discriminant analysis using the explanatory variable X.

The broader quantification type 1 on this page assumes that you want to analyze data of type 2 in the same way.

Characteristics of quantification type 2

For example, in the case of the data below, three variables will be created by dummy conversion . Since it is "XS" that can clearly divide Y, quantification type II can be said to be an analysis method that can find such categories.

Unlike association analysis and rough set analysis , I think it is a feature that you can find a correlation between "X is not S" and Y is B. However, I think that the condition that "X is not S" is difficult to use in practice.

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