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AB type analysis

The AB type shows that there is a one-to-one relationship between the element of the viewpoint A and the element of the viewpoint B. In ABO analysis, we look at the one-to-one relationship between the elements and look at the relationship between A and B.

The AB type of many-to-many analysis may be this type at the beginning of data processing, or it may be made this type by some aggregation.

For data in the first stage of data processing

In the field of statistics, A of AB type is often used as a "variable" and B as a "sample". Most multivariate analysis and data mining techniques start with ABO data.

For this data, graphs such as line charts and heatmaps are useful ways to see the entire data . Histograms , box plots , and 2D scatter plots can be used to see the distribution of your data.

Mathematical perspectives include variable grouping analysis , sample grouping analysis , and individual category grouping analysis .

For aggregated data

AB type is the data when making a bipartite graph in the field of networks . It represents the relationship between two different dimensions.

Cross tabulation is also AB type.

As a way to see the entire data, bar graph , but is common, heat maps and bipartite graph you may be better of.

Deep visualization using mathematics

This site also introduces multidimensional simultaneous attachment diagrams and three-part graphs as AB type analysis methods .

It is an analysis method that combines an AB type mathematical analysis method and a graph, and allows deeper consideration than graphing the data as it is.

If it is not numerical data

On the page for analyzing the similarity between items in row and column items by R , the AB type data may be qualitative data.

AB-C type

The AB-C type is a special type of the AB type. If you combine different datasets using the row items as keys, or if you create a contingency table with three columns, you will get this form (three-way contingency table).

Canonical correlation analysis is an AB-C type analysis method .

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