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What spec of computer I must prepare for the data analysis?


Some people thinks "I need powerful computer for the data analysis." But I often use general office PC for my daily analysis because it is enough for many cases.

Some people thinks "general PC cannot use big data".

For example, if there is 10000000 columns data set, I do not use this data as input data for Regression Analysis or Histogram.

I do Sampling . And I use from 1000 to 10000 columns data set for starting the analysis.

I can analyze big data.
Very speedy. Speed is important for the business..
I can analyze anywhere if there is not network lines.
I can remove bias in the 10000000 data.

In many cases, ouput from 1000 data and 10000000 data is same. If I want to check, I analyze other 1000 data.