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Learning Organization

The individual continues Cognition and Learning. As a result, we are following growth (expansion), improvement of weaknesses, and changes in the environment. A mechanism that mimics this is being applied to Artificial Intelligence.

However, organizations tend to have a system that makes learning difficult to progress. Therefore, weaknesses remain weaknesses indefinitely, and it is difficult to keep up with changes in the business and social environments.

It seems that the reason why organizations tend to be this way is also a characteristic of human beings.

Ideas and methods for becoming an organization capable of learning have emerged since the 1990s. The idea of creating a society that recognizes the diversity of people and actively utilizing the goodness of diversity, I think it's because they are consistent, but "organizations that can learn" are expanding in tandem with "diversity."


Be aware of the gap between your vision and reality, and continue to act with consideration for their background and assumptions.

Mental Model

A mental model is an implicit assumption or assumption that each team member has. Clarifying this will help move the discussion forward.

Systems thinking

It is used as a tool to see the whole picture. Use Systems Thinking to understand the current state of dynamic behavior in your organization.

Team Learning and Shared Vision

Share the awareness of team members

A Diverse Organization

The organizational theory that "organizations need diversity" is new. This site has a diversity page.

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