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Cause analysis of temperature and humidity

Everyone will experience that their physical condition and mood change depending on the temperature and humidity. In addition, temperature and humidity can be the cause of product sales, and there are many opportunities to see the results of such data analysis.

It may be because the idea that temperature and humidity are the cause is familiar like this, but when analyzing the cause when "a lot of defective products have been made" at the factory, "temperature and humidity" May be the cause. "

One of the important points is "let's not just stick to temperature and humidity", but even so, there are times when temperature and humidity are really the cause.

When temperature and humidity are the cause in a factory, things are often more complicated than in familiar cases. In the case of factories, it is known that temperature and humidity are the cause, and in many cases, countermeasures have already been taken. Even if you take measures, it is not so easy to find out the case that is the cause of these.

The focus is on my experience, but here are some examples of when temperature and humidity are the causes in a factory.

The contents of this page cannot be analyzed only by analyzing the data on the desk. Like a detective on TV, we check the movements of people and things on the spot and consider the relationship between them and data and the laws of physics.

Even if the temperature is controlled, if the temperature is the cause

Even if humidity is controlled, if humidity is the cause

As with the thermometer, there are possible causes such as "the measured value of the humidity meter is incorrect" or "the humidity meter has changed". However, unlike temperature, there are not many things in the world that are sensitive to slight humidity. I think that's why, but I don't have any experience that the correctness of the hygrometer value caused the problem.

Even if the temperature and humidity are controlled, it is likely to cause the cause (common to the temperature and humidity).

If the surface area is large relative to the volume, the product will be affected by temperature and humidity even for a short period of time. This "short time" may not be fully controlled by temperature control and humidity control.

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