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Brain Science

Human cognition, learning, and thinking have long been studied in psychology and philosophy.

On the other hand, in recent years, it has become possible to investigate which part of the brain is active in response to surrounding events, so it is also being studied in relation to specific brain activity. .

In brain science, various things are investigated, but on this site, they are roughly divided into two: " cognition and learning " and " thinking and judgment ". In machine learning ( artificial intelligence (AI) ), there are two stages, "learning" and "inference (prediction and judgment)", and these two stages are divided accordingly.


Phenomenology is a branch of philosophy that incorporates theories close to cognitive psychology. Philosophy deals with important even abstract themes such as "What is existence?", but it has become a field that bridges this with research on the specific mechanisms of human cognition.

Research on how humans perceive

In analytic philosophy , the correctness of the theory may or may not be confirmed by thought experiments.

In cognitive psychology and brain science, human cognition is studied not only through thought experiments, but also through various actual experiments.

It is important to confirm the correctness of the theory through experiments, but it is already being used in behavior analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) and is useful in the real world. I think that it is good to think that the fact that it is applied and produces results is proof of the correctness of the theory.

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