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Lead Free and First Principle Calculation

Lead free means the material does not contain lead. I write below that I studied around 2001.

Lead is important substances. For example, it was used in face powder. And it is used in beautiful glasses to increase refraction. Lead is useful. But today, we know it is dangerous for health.

EU-RoHS and others regulate to use lead in products. So lead free is a problem.

Piezoelectric Device

Piezoelectric device change pressure and electricity mutually.

It is said that the best Piezoelectric device needs lead. So the lead regulation is a big problem for this device.

First Principle Calculation for Piezoelectric Device

Vanderbilt is a key-person in the field of first principle calculation . He studied Piezoelectric device too. (Maybe he was second author).

Using his conclusion, someone can find more useful substances than lead.

I did not study more than this point.

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