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Flow (Fluid Mechanics)

Fluid Mechanics analyzes the earth, channels, planes and cars.

Many formuration in Data Science is made on the condition of linearity . On the other hand, non-linearity is included in formulations of Fluid Mechanics. So chaotic is not so rare.

Usually, it analyzes only air flow or water flow in a large scale. But it does not consider chemical change or combination of air and water.

Because fluid is a kind of continuum, Fluid Mechanics is a factor of Continuum Mechanics .

Experimental Approach

In Fulid Mechanics both experimental approachs and theoretical approachs are important. Especialy in Hydrodynamics, there are many experimental studies.

If we know many experimental theories, we may dicrease the time of simulation . In general, simulation of Fulid Mechanics needs much time and high-spec computers.

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