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Category theory

Category theory is a field of mathematics, but it has become "mathematics for mathematics", and it seems to be used in the field of mathematics as a suitable method to express the world of mathematics. is.

Theory of Category

In Data Science , there is a type of data called "categorical data (qualitative data/verbal data)", so I think that this name is easier for people involved in data science to imagine.

"Category Theory" is not a comment I made. The English translation of "category theory" is "Category theory", so this is a literal translation.

It is one of the solutions when the relationship between categories cannot be expressed only by the closeness of coordinates.

Theory of analogy

If you understand category theory from a System Theory point of view, you should think of it as something that deals with Analogy.

When using metaphors, even if individual words are from completely different fields, when considering their positions within each field, there is a corresponding relationship. Category theory can be used to express these things.

Applications of Category Theory

Category theory is a good way to express the network structure of categories. I think it's because it's similar to how humans perceive categories.

When category theory is used in fields other than mathematics, it seems better to add theory specific to that field to category theory itself.

Application to analogy

In the following article, "TINT (Theory of Indeterminate Natural Transformation)" was introduced. By adding stochastic processes to category theory, correspondences between network structures are established, and the process of network evolution can be expressed.

Although this article deals with "metaphors", it was a theory that could be used as an artificial intelligence (AI) for a wide range of analogies .

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