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Can you make summary of the text automatically?


Some people hopes for Text Mining .

At the time, I said, "I can't make the summary that is expected," but things have changed since then. The following content on this page has been rewritten based on the situation as of 2023.

Summary by text mining

If you say that "a summary is a short summary of an important part of a long sentence", you cannot make such a summary with text mining. Text mining, on the other hand, is a way of looking at text mining, which allows you to create something like a summary from a long sentence.

When you do text mining, you can see frequently used words, You can also see the words that are often used in conjunction with that word. If it is a sentence in an unknown field for that person, looking at the results of this analysis, It will be "This is a sentence that uses these words!", so it is useful as a "summary".

There are many uses for text mining like this.

It is not a so-called summary, but you can get a bird's-eye view of the text.

Tools for taking minutes

Since around 2020, a tool called "automatic creation of meeting minutes" has appeared in the world.

However, if you look closely at the contents, it is more of a transcription tool than a transcription tool. As far as the author knows, the audio data is written data, and it is not a list of hiragana. Those that create what looks like writing are sold as such tools.

As I have done before, the work of transcribing text is a difficult task that takes longer than the actual meeting time because the recorded audio is played back many times. In that respect, these tools are revolutionary.

Also, if you try to play back the audio data of a 60-minute conversation and check the content, it will take 60 minutes, but if it is in text, you can do the same thing in a few minutes. It is also a revolutionary tool in this respect.

Summarization Tools

As of 2023, summarization tools are emerging as an application of generative AI. Computers are increasingly doing the work of humans reading long sentences and extracting only the necessary information or summarizing them into short sentences.