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Mind map

A mind map is a type of projection that organizes concepts (words) in a tree structure. In that sense, it is similar to a 5 whys analysis, fishbone diagram , and genealogy diagram .

The main features of the mind map, which are different from why-why analysis, cause-and-effect diagrams, and genealogy diagrams, are as follows.

Not represented by two nodes (frames) and edges (lines)

Mind maps look just like edges. There are nodes as points to connect edges, but there is nothing in the nodes.

Many projections write words or sentences at nodes and give particular importance to this content. In many projections, edges can also indicate relationships, but edge can simply mean "causal".

Use only words

In many projections, the nodes may contain sentences rather than words. Words are often nouns only.

In mind maps, each edge is a word, and verbs and adjectives other than nouns are also used.

As a know-how for why-why analysis, one node may be a simple sentence, and the reason and result may not be written together in one node. This is a trick to make it easier to think of other possibilities.

The mind map seems to push this idea to the limit.

Use pictures and colors

Mind maps make heavy use of pictures and colors. This makes it easier to leave an impression and make it easier to come up with ideas.

Even in presentation materials, it is easier to convey to the other party with pictures and diagrams than with words alone, and mind maps are thorough in this regard.

Spread in all directions

There are benefits to expanding in one direction, but a mind map is omnidirectional. This makes it easier to come up with a completely different point of view.

When presenting ideas with MECE (complete and exhaustive), it is easier for me to think in one direction. If they are arranged side by side, it is easier to organize them, such as "when XX and when not XX" and "A, B, C that can be considered as a pattern".

Have rights or ties to a particular group

Techniques such as "line graph" and "directed graph" can be freely taught to people, but there seems to be a system of "authorized" for mind maps.

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