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Kinds of Environmental Economics

Kinds of Environmental Economics are Environmental Economics (Narrow), Ecological Economics, Entropy Economics, Bioeconomics and Biodiversity Economics.

Those names are different. But start and goal of those studies are same. The start is traditional economics. The goal is sustainable society.

I call "Environmental Economics" as a total name. When I write by general classification, I call "Narrow Environmental Economics" for general Environmental Economics

Difference between Narrow Environmental Economics and Ecological Economics

There are three differences.

Difference of the inclusion of ecology and economy

Difference of the attitude for the inclusion of externality

Approach of data analysis

This difference is not so clear.

Entropy Economics and Bioeconomics

Entropy Economics and Bioeconomics were built by a few pioneers. Theorem of these studies is the basis of present Ecology Economics.

Entropy Economics

In Entropy Economics the flow of entropy is the core point. Entropy Economics express entropy as a flow of substances, like
"All activity has input and output of entropy. Input is low entropy. Output is high entropy."

Because of the difference of input and output, reverse flow does not occur in activities of human and the nature.

Entropy Economics indicate that the ideal social system and life style.


Bioeconomics consider the fusion of economy and ecology system.

Biodiversity Economics

Biodiversity Economics concentrates its interest on biodiversity. Biodiversity Economics is a part of Narrow Environmental Economics because its stance is same to Narrow Environmental Economics.

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