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Information Statistical Mechanics

It is the beginning of Information Statistical Mechanics that someone noticed that Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics uses the same formulation.

Then many people applied the outputs of Statistical Mechanics into the study of information theory.

This field studies not only the atoms and information but other things.

Statistical Mechanics

Thermodynamics studies the energy, temperture, pressure and so on.

Statistical Mechanics studies these values are average numbers of the moving of many atoms.

Link Micro and Macro

There are too many atoms in the space. So we deal with them statistically. It means that micro and macro are linked.

Atoms are same. This point is useful to deal with them statistically.

Statistical Mechanics as a Tool of Statistics

Each atom has velocity and position data. In 3-dimension space, there variants, X, Y, Z, Vx, Vy and Vz. So there are 6 variants.

If we do not use the "6", statistical mechanics could be the general statistical theory.

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