Data Analysis by R

Gage R and R by R

Gage R and R is used to analyze the level of measurement system.

Condition of Data

First row is the names of columns because names are used in the analysis.

First column is the meadured data (numerical data). Second column is the factor for parts (categorical data). Third column is the factor for appraisers (operators, machines, ...) (categorical data).

R code

LSL <- 0 # Used to calculate %Tolerance
USL <- 0
# Used to calculate %Tolerance
# Set the directory of data file
Data <- read.csv("Data.csv", header=T)
# Read data

name1 <- colnames(Data[1])
name2 <- colnames(Data[2])
name3 <- colnames(Data[3])

gage RR

gage RR

Result of '%GRR' is '%StudyVar' in '$studyVar'. Result of 'ndc' in 'ncat'. 'ncat' is 'number of distinct categories'.