Data Analysis by Excel

About data analysis by Excel

Excel data analysis , the data science for environmental and quality is what made as a spin-out from. Data analysis by R and data analysis by Python is a sister version of.

There are examples of using Excel in data science for environment and quality , but it is scattered and it is difficult to understand where and what is. Since it is difficult to use as a tool box for daily data analysis , the data analysis by Excel is summarized as a tool box .

Some people may have the impression that writing " graphical analysis in Excel " is not a big deal, but I don't think so. In Excel, it is very nice that data and graphs are attached and you can analyze while directly seeing and touching the data. In addition, some graph functions , such as sparkline, are suitable for large amounts of data, allowing analysis unique to Excel.

Most computers in the office have Excel, so if you have data on someone else's computer and want to see the data on that computer for the time being, it may be good to know a lot of Excel techniques. Also, in such a situation, the owner of the personal computer may handle the data with Excel, but may not analyze the data with other software, so if you introduce the technique of Excel, you will be pleased. Sometimes.